The Dreaded 404 Error Page~The link you clicked, no longer exists! Please Don't Cry!

Look, the page couldn't be displayed because YOU need to get outside more!
Your ISP told us you're on-line at least 10 hours a day and that you have morphed into a giant eyeball with fingers [for tapping away on that keyboard].
This is NOT healthy!!
Click links below to go outside for fresh aire!.
Yo, Dis hea is Bowzree Bowza Boid!
Da woid from da Bowza Boid
For those who need to be "SERIOUS," the link you clicked was obviously removed from the Internet and no longer exists.
Search engines have been notified but it takes time to re-spider the page to remove references to the link you clicked.
Now, does that make Pooky a happier Bowzer Bird? Mommy is sorry and will put a Band-Aid on your owee [Mommy doesn't do kisses, Pooky].
<uncontrollable desire to throw computer out a window><cold water in the face><get out of your chair><computer death><Amazon goes off-line>
[These links don't really work but, hey, weird is beta, normal is sooo boring]
So look, maybe ya wanna visit da <Bowza Boid> or <email> if youze annoyed